Spray Droplets and Rainbow Colors

July 16, 2020

Light drops EPOD

July  2020 Viewer's ChoicePhotographer: Dario Giannobile
Summary Author: Dario Giannobile 

Rainbows are caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight by water drops and droplets, resulting in a strip of spectral colors across the sky, taking the form of a circular arc. You can also see rainbows near fountains and waterfalls, as in the case above. Here the effect has been captured over a small waterfall in the valley of Pantalica (UNESCO World Heritage site). To obtain this photo I used a telephoto lens with a very short depth of field, so that the spray droplets are out of focus, but at the same time are reflecting the colors of the rainbow. See yesterday's Earth Science Picture of the Day. Photo taken on April 14, 2013.

Photo Details: Camera - Canon EOS 7D; Software - Adobe Photoshop 21.1 (Windows); Exposure Time - 0.0003s (1/3200); Aperture - ƒ/3.2; ISO equivalent - 800; Focal Length - 200.0mm.