Leafcutter Bee

August 12, 2020

Photographer: Greg Parker 
Summary Authors: Greg Parker; Jim Foster

Upon opening up my little greenhouse one morning earlier this summer, I saw this bee busy at work taking cut leaves into the base of a flowerpot. This is an appropriately named leafcutter bee (Megachile rotundata). These solitary bees (each female is fertile) are very efficient pollinators. Additionally, they’re quite gentle – it’s unusual for them to sting. Cut leaves are used to line their nesting site, typically a small hole that already exists – they don’t make their own holes. Photo taken on June 2, 2020.

Photo Details: Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Exposure Time 0.0050s (1/200); Aperture ƒ/25.0; ISO equivalent 100; Focal Length 100.0mm.