Olympic Peninsula Bluff and Beach

August 19, 2020

Joe_epodAugust  2020 Viewer's Choice

22bbbbbbPhotographer: Joe LaCour 
Summary Author: Joe LaCour

Like layers of paint on an old cottage door, the layers of ancient soils, compacted glacial till, glaciomarine drift and proglacial alluvium on this coastal bluff in Washington State are plainly visible. During the late Pleistocene, the north Olympic Peninsula coast was at the intersection of mountain glaciers to the south and a continental glacier to the north. Bluffs as shown in the top photo extend all along the shores of the Olympic Peninsula and are generally easy to access. These photos, taken on the west side of Sequim Bay, were taken at low tide when I was able to obtain a better view of the cliff. In my hand is one of a number of interesting rocks I found on this beach; it appears to be a breccia with a granite vein.

Photo Details: Leica M9; 35 mm; ISO 160; f/5.7; 1/360 second exposure.