EPOD 20th - Fence Eating Tree

September 16, 2020


We’re celebrating 20 years of Earth Science Picture of the Day during the month of September! Today’s photo features a popular EPOD from the past. Thanks to all of our followers (on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for supporting us. Thanks also to all of you who’ve submitted your photos. We’re most appreciative. This EPOD was originally published January 4, 2004.

Provided by: Greg Lopatka
Summary authors & editors: Greg Lopatka; Jim Foster

Remember that tree that would eat Charlie Brown's kite every spring? The photo above shows a tree that evidently craves iron. It was taken in an IHOP parking lot in Chicago, Illinois. Trees have an amazing ability to survive seemingly very inhospitable habitats, such as this manmade environment of rusted steel and asphalt. In addition, city trees have to endure high levels of pollution, in the air and in the water. However, any tree with this little fella's arm around it would have to feel a bit better about the mess it's in.

Update: 16-years later, both the tree and the now young man are doing quite well.

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