Etna: Its Lava and Incandescent Fumes

April 13, 2021

2021 02 16 Etna AF32_01


Photographers: Vincenzo Russo; Giuseppe Vella
Summary Author: Vincenzo Russo 

During the late afternoon of February 16 (2021), a short but violent eruption of volcano Etna occurred on the island of Sicily (Italy). This eruptive phase began with an explosion followed by a massive lava fountain rising from the Southeast Crater, one of the four summit craters. It lasted just under two hours, then quickly decreased in intensity, and after a few more hours the volcano went back to sleep. The photo above captured the Southeast Crater when the paroxysmal phase was over, however, the lava continued pouring out through new cracks created by the explosion. Note that the incandescent gases partially covering the scene result primarily from releases by the Central Crater. Bottom photo taken on February 24, 2021.

Photo Details: Nikon D810a camera; Nikon AF 180 mm lens; f/2 ,8 ED ( topped at f/5.6 ); 180 mm focal length;  0.5 second exposure; ISO 2200; Photoshop, Astro Art, Neat.