Ice Cover and Ice-Out on Sebago Lake During the Winter of 2021

April 19, 2021

Katy and George kite aerial photo ice Sebago 021721 2

Sebago lake open water 022821

Photographer: John Stetson 
Summary Author: John Stetson 

The photo above, at top, shows an aerial view (from a kite) of the ice cover on Sebago Lake, Maine, as observed on February 17, 2021. A ground view is shown in the bottom photo. There was just enough ice this past February for the local Rotary Club to safely hold an ice fishing derby. Nonetheless, the ice was short-lived – open water was reported 10-days later. Even though the entire lake didn't freeze in 2021, the official ice-out date occurred on March 29. Click here to see a record of ice-out dates for the past 20-years.