Sunrise and Cloud Mirages Observed from Monte Tomba, Italy

April 28, 2021

2021_01_30 - Sunrise

Venturin - Sunrise 2

Photographer: Giacomo Venturin 
Summary Authors: Giacomo Venturin; Jim Foster

Mock mirages at sunrise or sunset are quite common (top photo), but one morning several weeks ago, while observing from Monte Tomba, Cavaso del Tomba, Italy, I also saw cloud mirages (bottom photo). This was a first for me. Initially, I didn't understand why the clouds near the horizon looked so strange -- I thought my eyes were focusing properly. Then I realized that the clouds were miraged as well. When mirages are seen, temperature variations near the surface must be sufficiently strong to enable light rays to bounce up and down before reaching the observer’s eyes. Photos taken on February 16, 2021.

Photo Details: Canon 70/200 + 2x camera; Canon 60D lens; 400 mm; f/11; 100 ISO, 1/30 second exposure.