22 Degree Halo Observed from Melbourne, Florida

May 05, 2021


Photographer: Michael Seeley

Summary Authors: Michael Seeley; Jim Foster

Featured above is an awe-inspiring 22° halo, with parhelia, as observed from the Space Coast of Florida on February 10, 2021. Because light is widely scattered by the randomly oriented ice crystals that form these circular halos, they aren't as vividly colored as some other halo phenomenon, such as circumzenithal arcs. However, if the ice crystals are greater than about 0.025 mm in diameter, modest coloration can be detected, especially red colors. Always use caution when looking anywhere in the vicinity of the Sun.

Photo details: ISO 100; f11; and 1/2500 second exposure at 24mm; Canon R5 camera; 24-70mm lens.