Arcus Cloud over Villa Gesell in Buenos Aires Province

July 23, 2021

_D2_4106 Panorama

Photographer: Christian Grosso 

Summary Authors: Christian Grosso; Jim Foster

Featured above is a panoramic view of a severe storm that slammed into Villa Gesell in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, on February 14, 2021. The rounded cloud formation is known as an arcus cloud. In this case, since it appears to be affixed to the base of the parent thunderstorm, it’s called a shelf cloud. A roll cloud is detached from its parent storm. These clouds take shape along the leading edge of approaching thunderstorm cells as cool air from strong downdrafts is pushed into the warmer and moister air that’s feeding the storm.

Photos details: panorama of 9 photos; Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera; 1/40 sec. exposure; f / 4; ISO 160; 17 mm focal length; Canon EF17-40mm f / 4L USM lens; 19:30 local time.

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