Peering Into the Geology of Central Aragón

July 12, 2021


Photographer: Martin Ripsam

Summary Author: Martin Ripsam; Cadan Cummings

Taken from the viewpoint of the Geological Park of Aliaga (Aragon, Spain), this picture shows the tectonic history of Central Aragon. Located in eastern Spain, the landscape around Aliaga contains rocks from all the geologic ages for the last 200 Million years, mostly Mesozoic and Cretaceous limestones. One of the most well-known landforms of this region is the Camarillas Formation situated just outside the town of Aliaga. Geologically, this area is majority comprised of sandstone, limestone, mudstone, and conglomerates deposited in lacustrine and fluvial ecosystems hundreds of millions of years ago when the land that is now the Iberian Peninsula was separated from the rest of Europe by seas.

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