Archive - Ribeira da Janela, Portugal

August 21, 2021

Every weekend we present a notable item from our archives. This EPOD was originally published October 28, 2015.
Photographer: Duarte Sol
Summary AuthorDuarte Sol
The Ribeira da Janela is a beautiful village located on the north coast of Madeira, Portugal (Madeira Islands). It was named after the majestic rock formation shown above, silhouetted here by the setting Sun, found near the mouth of the river Ilheu da Ribeira. This 131 ft tall (40 m) formation is composed of volcanic rock and lies about 650 ft (198 m) offshore. On a previous visit a year ago to this breathtaking spot, I had in mind the picture I wanted but was unable to position myself in such a way that the Sun fit within the arms of the outcrop. The second time proved to be the charm. Note the algae covering the boulders in the foreground. Photo taken on September 17, 2015.

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