Cumulonimbus Cloud, Rainbow and Central Bohemian Uplands

August 10, 2021


Photographer: Lukáš Veselý 
Summary Author: Lukáš Veselý 

The photo panorama above shows an impressive view of a distant cumulonimbus cloud and a double rainbow as observed from the village of Lhota in the Czech Republic, on May 17, 2021. In the foreground and mid-ground are some of the volcanic hills of the Central Bohemian Uplands. At left is the highest of these hills, known as Milešovka (2,746 ft or 837 m). This is the windiest place in the Czech Republic. In German, it’s called Thunder Mountain. No wonder such a thunderstorm formed here. Actually, this storm cloud built up much further to the west. I snapped the picture soon after it passed my location – the camera is facing east. Note the reverse color order of dimmer secondary rainbow.

Photo details: Panorama from 4 columns and 3 rows; exposure bracketing needed for preserving highlights; horizontal field of view about 130°.

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