Four Seasons of Wisteria

September 21, 2021


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Photographer: Marcella Botti 

Summary Author: Marcella Botti 

In September 2019, I noticed this beautiful wisteria in the Park of Villa Finzi, Milan, Italy, and so for fun I photographed it over and over again, noticing the change from one month to the next. I managed to take the first two photos shown above (autumn and winter), when I was working in Milan, then I changed jobs, then the pandemic arrived. Intent on completing the project, I went back to Milan in March 2021 to immortalize spring, and finally, in June 2021, I finally completed by little swing through the seasons.

Wisteria, a genus in the legume family of flowering plants (Fabaceae or Leguminosae), is a vigorous and cold hardy climbing vine. Different species are found throughout the mid latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, including China, Korea, Japan, Southern Canada, and the eastern United States. The woody vines of the wisteria climb by twining their stems (notice the huge vine of this wisteria) around any available support. All four photos featured above were taken between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., local solar time, using my IPhone XR.


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