Little People of Blue Wonder Canyon

September 10, 2021



Photographer: Stan Wagon 

Summary Author: Stan Wagon 

The slot canyon known as West Wahweap, in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah, has a side canyon called Blue Wonder. This name supposedly arises because the reflected sky creates blue tones in the depths of the generally white sandstone canyon walls.

The Entrada Sandstone forming the walls is very soft, and the rare rains that fall results in some interesting shapes. Note the diorama of sandstone stalagmites having seemingly human forms (top photo). These stalagmites may only last a few months before the elements (rain, wind, frost) break them down. The bottom photo shows an extended “finger” of one such fragile stalagmite. Top photo taken on April 18, 2021; bottom photo taken on November 11, 2019.

Photo details: Apple iPhone 11 Pro camera; 4.3 mm lens; 1/60-second exposure; f/1.8; ISO 125.

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