Lenticular Cloud Above Mount Aconcagua

October 04, 2021

Cerro Aconcagua

Photographer: Cristian López

Summary Author: Cristian López; Cadan Cummings

Shown above is a photo of a lenticular cloud over Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. Unique in their flying saucer like appearance, lenticular clouds typically form over alpine climates when stable, moist air passes over a mountain peak and condenses once the water vapor falls below its dew point temperature. This distinct lens-shape is formed when the water vapor continues over the mountain peak and its temperature increases above the dew point, causing it to evaporate. The location for this spectacular phenomenon is also very noteworthy because the summit of Mount Aconcagua (22,837 ft or 6,960 m) is the highest elevation point in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres as well as outside the Himalayas

Photo Details: Camera: Canon T3; Lens: 18-55 in 43mm, f/13, ISO: 100, Exposure: 1/320 second, Software: Adobe Photoshop

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