Spider Web Refraction

November 09, 2021

IMG_0844a dusted color refraction Cr WEB(1)

Photographer: Patricia Rasmussen

Summary Author: Patricia Rasmussen; Cadan Cummings

The photo above shows a cropped portion of a spider web image taken using a technique called intentional camera movement (ICM). As I was going through my third round of ICM spider web images, this photo was marked for deletion until I enlarged the image and spotted the spectacular bands of color. Without the magnifying and cropping effects, the color bands are barely detectable. Taken in the early morning, the sunrise combined with moist air from the fog and dew presumably caused refraction to occur in the photo revealing these unique color bands. This effect could have also been intensified due to the use of a cropped sensor camera.

Photo data: ICM with General Post-Processing Edits; Canon EOS 90D, 100 mm lens, f/9, 1/3 second exposure, ISO 100, photo taken on September 1, 2021 at 6:50 a.m. CDT.


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