Full Moon illuminates Marmolada and Glacier

December 03, 2021

The Full Moon illuminates the Marmolada ( 3 343m above sea level) and its glacier  the largest in the Dolomites. Dolomites Unesco world Heritage (1)

Photographer: Alessandra Masi

Summary Author: Alessandra Masi; Cadan Cummings

Today’s featured post features a photo of the full moon and Marmolada, which is a mountain located in northeastern Italy.  The tallest mountain in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, Marmolada rises to a height of 10,968 ft (3,343 m) at the Punta Penìa peak and stands on the boundaries of the Italian regions Trentino and Veneto. In total, the area composing the Marmolada system and the region nicknamed the “Queen of the Dolomites” encompasses approximately 5,456 acres (2,208 hectares). The Marmolada system includes two smaller sections, the southern and northern sections. Pictured above is part of the northern region near the Marmolada Glacier and Punta Penìa. The Marmolada Glacier is unique in the Dolomites because it is the only extensive glacier in this region of the Alps. In contrast to the Punta Penìa and the rest of the northern face, the surrounding region consists of softly rolling contours that are covered in woods and meadows before ultimately leading to the banks of the Fedaia lake. Photo was taken on September 21, 2021, around the time of the full moon.

Photo details: Canon EOS R6, Canon 70/300 a 124 mm, ISO 640, f/ 6.3, sec.1,3


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