Anvil Clouds and Crepuscular Rays

January 25, 2022


Crepuscular Rays_2040pix

Photographer: Gianni Tumino 

Summary Authors: Gianni Tumino; Jim Foster

The photo above showing eye-catching, flat-topped clouds and crepuscular rays was taken from Ragusa, Sicily (Italy), just after sunset on November 15, 2021. These distant anvil clouds (Cumulonimbus incus) effectively block the Sun’s rays, but gaps between them allow sunlight to filter through. The resulting lanes of light and dark are made visible by dust or other aerosols in the atmosphere that act to project the rays across the sky.

Photo details: CANON EOS 6D Mark II camera; SIGMA ART 24-105 MM lens; 38 mm; f/8; 1/180 second exposure; 100 ISO.


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