Venus and the Moon and Lazzaretto at Civitavecchia

January 28, 2022


Photographer: Marco Meniero 

Summary Author: Marco Meniero 

The photo above shows the ancient hospital of Lazzaretto at Civitavecchia (near Rome, Italy), with the crescent Moon at right and Venus at center (in one of the windows). Some 2,000 years ago, this structure, initially consisting of a turret that also served as a lighthouse, was part of a project commissioned by the Emperor Trajan for the port of Civitavecchia (Rome).  Apollodorus of Damascus (107 AD) was the architect. Over the centuries this structure underwent a number of restorations.  In 1656 a plague epidemic rapidly spread, and the fort, which it was at the time, was transformed into a shelter for people who were contagious.

Why is the hospital pink? The main monuments of Italy all turned pink in 2021 to raise awareness of the importance of prevention in the fight against breast cancer. Photo taken on October, 8, 2021.

Photo details: Canon Eos 1DXMKII camera; + EF 24-70/2.8L II.


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