Cava Asero Lava Flow

February 14, 2022


Rosario_PSX_20211215_110027 (003)

Photographer: Rosario Catania  

Summary Author: Rosario Catania  

The ancient "Cava Asero" is an old quarry of lava stone extraction, now in disuse, found in the district Dagala dell'Ascino, north of the town of Nicolosi, Italy. This is a wonderful place to admire the stratification of ancient lava flows produced by the Etna Volcano and recent ones as well, such as the flow resulting from an eruption in 2001. The European Union financed the restoration of a natural path that leads to the front of this recent flow.

Seen from a height of 820 ft (250 m), using a small drone, it’s possible to see Cava Asero’s characteristic heart shape. Note this formation is approximately 1,115 ft (340 m) in breadth. Photo taken on December 14, 2021.

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