Dramatic Skies

February 04, 2022


Photographer: Tomas Slovinsky

Summary Author: Tomas Slovinsky

Shown above is one of my most favorite shots I have ever taken. The photograph comes from La Palma in the Canary Islands, where I spent about two weeks in July. At the beginning of the night, I wondered if it was worth it to shoot in such extremely strong wind. I met with Jakob and Florian - a fantastic duo of German photographers- and finally, we found a leeward place. The position was at high altitude with an amazingly clear atmosphere that allowed the universe to shine at its greatest. The view overlooking the dark volcanic caldera and cloud inversion contrasted with the spectacular night sky. Only in the darkest places on Earth can you see the Milky Way shining that bright, accompanied by airglow above the horizon and even zodiacal light extending among the sky.

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