Steep Moki Steps

February 23, 2022


Photographer: Stan Wagon 

Summary Author: Stan Wagon 

The Native Americans who inhabited the Colorado Plateau often constructed handholds and footholds (known as Moki steps) in sandstone to allow passage on steep slabs. The example in the photo above shows a remarkably steep collection of such steps from the bottom of a slot canyon (Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon) to a shelf that perhaps contains a granary (small structure to store food). Such steps are often seen starting some distance off the ground. Perhaps the sandy bottom was higher when they were made; or perhaps a ladder was used. Photo taken on October 8, 2021.

Photo details: SONY A6500 camera; 20 mm lens and tripod; ISO 400; f/13; 0.8 second shutter speed.

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