Iridescent Pileus Cloud Over Barra Grande, Brazil

March 01, 2022


Photographer: Christine Albuquerque

Summary Author: Christine Albuquerque

On the evening of December 5th, 2021, I observed this colorful iridescence formed on a pileus cloud while walking by the beaches of Barra Grande near Cajueiro da Praia, Brazil. This colorful cloud was annex to a huge cumulus cloud. I was quite amazed by the vivid and spectacular colors of this phenomenon, which were further enhanced by the picturesque setting of Barra Grande. As the time passed, the pileus cloud showed intricate twisted patterns that added a special beauty to that evening sight and resembled large moving veils in the sky.

In addition to the iridescence, something else caught my attention on the scene. Perhaps victim of a pareidolia event caused by such an amazing view, the cumulus cloud resembled to me a dog that was wearing a colored hat and staring at something far away out of the field of view. The pileus clouds, when favorably positioned relative to the Sun, can yield iridescences of incredible beauty and show an eye-catching view that we will never forget.

Photo details: Canon SX60 HS, f/8, 1/400 second exposure, ISO-160


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