Moonrise and Alpenglow over the Dolomites

April 19, 2022


MartinD_AZ7Y9016_pub (003)

Photographer: Martin Dietzel   
Summary Author: Martin Dietzel  

The photo above shows the rising Moon and the sunset-lit Sella Mountains of the Dolomites Ranges in northern Italy. Whether illuminated by sunlight or moonlight, the thousands of peaks and intriguing rock formations of the Dolomites are among the most eye-catching in all of Europe. At sunrise or sunset, alpenglow often baths these peaks in shades of red, pink and orange. In 2009, the stunning Dolomites, also referred to as the Pale Mountains, were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Photo taken on October 13, 2021, at 17:20 local time.

Photo details: Camera: Canon EOS 1Dx camera; 200 mm; f/8; 1/500 sec exposure; ISO1000.

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