2022 Ice Out Dates for Sebago Lake, Maine

May 05, 2022

Ice after ice-out main pier 040422

Ice out graphs Maine 1800-2000

Photographer: John Stetson 

Summary Author: John Stetson 

This past winter the “Big Bay" of Sebago Lake in Maine did not freeze. The smaller bay, Jordan Bay, experienced ice-in on January 16th. Ice-out from Standish to Raymond was listed as April 3rd.

See the graphs (from the U.S. Geological Society) below the photo. The regression lines tell the tale of the trend. Ice-out on April 3rd is early for Sebago Lake.

We did have a surprise on the afternoon of April 4th (top photo). One day after the official ice-out, wind carried a not-so-small amount of ice to our shore. However, the next morning not a trace of ice could be seen. Click here to see a record of ice out dates from 2000 through 2020.

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