Antares and the Moon

May 10, 2022

Ormefoto - vendicari luna antares

Photographer: Orazio Mezzio

Summary Author: Orazio Mezzio

Seeking out opportunities to photograph nature and the night sky, we arrived to the Vendicari Nature Reserve in the middle of the night and walked in to find the ideal vantage point to start taking photos.  As we entered the beautiful bogs of the reserve, we noticed some clouds chasing the Moon. Not wanting to miss capturing this moment, we interrupted the exploration to quickly positioned the equipment to take this! As a result of the thin cloud layer scattering incoming light, a rainbow appears to crown the Moon, which rose at the same pace with the head of the Scorpius constellation.

Looking at the pond in the foreground, the still waters silently reflected the colors given off by the apparent rivalry between the reddish Antares and the Moon. The tranquil scene was further enhanced by the reflection of shining stars and behind them the heart of the Milky Way. Altogether, it is difficult to distinguish between the various astronomical features due to their blended colors and rare alignment. As evident in this photo, it is true that nearly everything in the universe reflects energy, and even a swamp can rejoice within its beauty.

Photo details: Nikon D750, Nikkor 50mm, f/1.8, 5 second exposure, ISO-640

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