Calymene Fossil in Spain

May 04, 2022


Photographer: Carlos Gómez Fernández

Summary Author: Carlos Gómez Fernández

Hidden within the landscape around the Cijara Lake and reservoir in western Spain are metamorphic shales dating to the Ordovician Period. During this geologic period that occurred between 485 and 444 million years ago, global ocean levels were exceptionally high, which led to considerable sediment deposition on the seabed. As a result of combined processes of high temperatures and pressures, specimens buried in these sediment layers were preserved as fossils. One such outstanding example is the calymene fossil shown in the photo above. Despite the harsh environmental conditions over the past several hundred million years, the very fragile fossil remains almost fully intact. The 50mm diameter camera lens serves as a scale for this specimen. This photo was taken on February 3, 2022.

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