Cumulonimbus Montage Above Taipei, Taiwan

June 16, 2022



Photographer: Meiying Lee 
Summary Author: Meiying Lee 

The photo montage above shows the development of a thunderstorm in Taipei, Taiwan, on a very hot, late summer afternoon. Initially, I could see a large, cumulus cloud building to the southeast of my home, and then a pileus hood formed atop it. Soon afterwards, this cumulonimbus cloud rapidly expanded, eventually climbing to the tropopause to form an eye-catching anvil. On the penultimate photo (taken at 6:05 p.m. local time), the entire cloud is illuminated by the setting Sun, and mammatus clouds appear beneath the anvil’s golden glow. This mesmerizing storm complex was visible to almost everyone in northern Taiwan. Photos taken on September 9, 2021. Click here to see a video of the anvil cloud development.