Solar Halo Over Torres Vedras, Portugal

June 29, 2022


Photographer: Paulo P. Pereira

Summary Authors: Paulo P. Pereira; Cadan Cummings

The photo above features a 22-degree solar halo spotted near Torres Vedras, Portugal on March 13, 2022. At first glance through a window, I saw what looked like an upside-down rainbow. When I went outside to photograph it, I realized it was a solar halo.

Halo phenomena appear when randomly oriented ice crystals composing cirrus clouds reflect and refract incoming sunlight. The name of the halo (22 degrees) denotes the angle in which the ice crystals bend the incoming light to create this colorful and vibrant circular effect. In total, this halo remained visible for over half an hour.

Photo details: Canon EOS RP, RF 24-105mm, f/13, 1/800 second exposure, ISO-100, 24mm

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