Startrails on the Agave

June 15, 2022


Photographer: Filippo Galati

Summary Author: Filippo Galati

The photo above captures star trails from the viewpoint of the Costa di Carro Park between Sampieri and Cava d'Aliga villages in Sicily, Italy. To create the picture, 120 long exposure photos (25 seconds each) were taken and compiled together into one image. This region in Sicily is characterized by a luxuriant Mediterranean maquis and by the presence of the agave. The closest trails above the sea represent Orion's belt and below it you can see the trail imprinted by the Orion nebula (M42), while the brightest trail is Sirius.

Photo details: Sony ILCE-7M3 + Samyang 24mm, 120 shots, 25 second exposure, f/4, ISO-1000


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