Dungeness Spit Beach

July 21, 2022



Photographer: Joe LaCour 

Summary Author: Joe LaCour 

There’s quite a lot to see on this image, taken just southwest of where the Dungeness Spit starts in the northwest corner of the Dungeness Valley in Washington State. The Dungeness Spit can just be seen at far left where it extends into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. On the cliff face, a number of different sand layers can be detected lying above a clay layer at the bottom of the cliff.

A lone stump has washed up on shore and is currently resting in an upright position. It appears to be recently unearthed as it shows a line of weathering. Just to the left of the stump, at the base of the cliff, is one of many small alluvial fans we noticed on our visit. The sand grains and stones streaming down the cliff wall are actively adding material to the Dungeness Spit. Difficult to observe on this photo are three bald eagles, soaring on the uplift along the ridge top. Photo taken on May 8, 2022.

Photo details: Leica M9 camera, 35mm Summicron lens; f2; ISO 160; 1/125 second exposure; processed with DXO PhotoLab 3.

Dungeness, Washington Coordinates: 48.14406, -123.11791

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