The Wonder of Roots

July 01, 2022



Photographer: Ray Major
Summary Author: Ray Major

I couldn’t help but notice this tree and its tentacle-like roots on a trail to Twin Falls in Pickens County, South Carolina. The roots appear to be crawling across a rock. It’s a testament to the tenacity of life on this planet. The small patch of soil on top of the rock, where the tree (possibly a Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissima) began to grow, was too small to support a mature tree. However, it was able to extend its roots and find deeper soil to draw in nourishment. After beginning life under less-than-ideal circumstances, it was able to survive, and thrive. It made quite a spectacle of itself in the process. Photo taken on July 7, 2008.

Twin Falls, Pickens County, South Carolina Coordinates: 35.0098, 82.8214

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