The Castles of the Calchaquíes Valleys

July 05, 2022


Photographer: Carlos Di Nallo

Summary Authors: Carlos Di Nallo; Cadan Cummings

Los Castillos is a geological formation located within Argentina’s Calchaquíes Valleys in the Salta province. Likely due to its steep-sided walls, the Los Castillos formation was given its unique name that translates “The Castles” in English. In addition to being an interesting area to visit, the reddish hued landform is also an important paleontology site that is comprised of geologic samples dating back the Cretaceous period.

Adjacent to Los Castillos is a small ravine that represents a deeper look into the region's geologically history. The ravine was likely formed by tectonic movements that took place the last two million years. Similarly, the surrounding landscape was likely also formed and shaped from a combination of weathering and tectonic activities.  

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