Trails of Stars Along the Celestial Equator

July 08, 2022

Giannitumino Star Trail_jpg_logo_3000pix

Photographer: Gianni Tumino 

Summary Authors: Gianni Tumino; Jim Foster

The photo above shows the trails of stars along the celestial equator as observed from Punta Cirica (Sicily) Italy, on March 2, 2022. Each curvilinear streak is the path of a star. Notice that the stars on either side of the celestial equator, which runs from top left to bottom right, have trails that begin to curve (due to the Earth's rotation) in the direction of their respective celestial poles, the north pole at right, and the south pole at left.

Photo details: Canon EOS camera; 14 mm lens; f/1.8; f/3.2; N°160; 12 second exposure; ISO 3200. Software: Sequator; Lightroom; Photoshop.

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