Celestial Parade of the Planets in June 2022

September 23, 2022

0623PlanetsandMoon-3 (1)

DSC_1140s2 (1)

Allineamento Planetario Tranego 7-4

Photographers: Matthew Chin; Meiying Lee; Alessandra Masi

Summary Authors: Meiying Lee; Matthew Chin; Alessandra Masi

Featured above are views of the visible planets in our solar system, and the crescent moon, as seen from Taipei (top), Yuen Long, Hong Kong (middle) and the Dolomite Range of Italy (bottom, note that Neptune and Uranus are also visible here). Such an unusual alignment can be observed only about once every 20-years. Top and middle photos were taken on June 23, 2022, and the bottom photo was taken on June 25, 2022. All photos were captured looking east, just before dawn.


Yuen Long, Hong Kong Coordinates: 22.4445, 114.0222

Taipei, Taiwan Coordinates: 25.0330, 121.5654

Dolomites Mountains, Italy Coordinates: 46.433334, 11.850000

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