Supermoon and Micromoon Comparison

September 07, 2022


PSX_20220615_090728 (1)

Photographer: Soumyadeep Mukherjee  
Summary Author: Soumyadeep Mukherjee  

This image presents a comparison between what is known as a "Supermoon" and a "Micromoon." The moon on the left is a photo of the supermoon taken in May 2021, and the moon on the right is a micromoon, from December 2021.

Supermoons are observed when the full moon is closest to the Earth (perigee) during the moon’s orbit about Earth. Conversely, micromoons are observed when the full moon is furthest from Earth (apogee). The apparent diameter of the supermoon is 33.9 arcminutes, whereas the micromoon appears only 29.7 arcminutes across. The 30% size difference becomes more obvious when they’re placed side by side.

These two photos were taken with the same camera (Nikon D5600) and same lens (Sigma 150-600c) at the same focal length (600 mm) for a true comparison between their size. They were also captured from the same location in Kolkata, India.

Kolkata, India Coordinates: 22.5726, 88.3639

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