Fossil Find in Sangiovannulo, Sicily

October 18, 2022


DSC_2804 roccia con conchiglie fossili (1)

PhotographerEmanuele Nifosì  
Summary Author: Emanuele Nifosì  

This chunk of limestone rock, rich in fossil shells, was found by my grandfather in in the Sangiovannulo district of Sicily. He uncovered it at a depth of about 2.5 ft (3/4 m) when he was excavating to make a small cistern. Note that the word “fossil” is derived from the Latin fossĭlis (fodĕre -to dig), meaning obtained by digging. Based on the type of shells within in the limestone rock mass, this specimen likely dates back several million years to the Pilo-Pleistocene. Photo taken on September 4, 2022.

Photo details: Nikon D700 camera; Nikkor 35-105 mm lens; ISO 400; f 8; 1/250 second exposure.


Sangiovannulo Distric, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 36.738143, 14.675832

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