Fossil Find in Sicily, Italy

October 17, 2022

DSC_2804 roccia con conchiglie fossili

Photographer: Emanuele Nifosì  
Summary Author: Emanuele Nifosì 

This limestone rock, very rich in fossil shells, was found by my grandfather in Sicily, Italy (Sicily) during an excavation to create a small cistern. It was uncovered at a depth of about 2 ft (0.75 m). Based on previously dated similar appearing shells, the fossils contained in this rock are over a million years old. Note that the term fossil is derived from the Latin fossĭlis "obtained by digging", der. of fodĕre "to dig" and indicates any remnant of being animal or vegetable. Photo taken on September 4, 2022.

Photo details: Nikon D700 camera; Nikkor 35-105 mm lens; ISO 400; f 8; 1/250 second exposure.

Ragusa, Siciy, Italy Coordinates: 36,738143 14,675832

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