Loana Valley of Italy at Night

October 10, 2022

Screenshot 2022-10-22

Photographer: Paolo Bardelli  

Summary AuthorPaolo Bardelli 

These photos show two different views of night sky conditions observed from Val Loana (Loana Valley), in the Piedmontese Alps of northern Italy. Peaks at left delimit the boundary of the Val Grande National Park.

The Loana valley is also almost uninhabited, thus this is a very dark area at night. Despite the presence of the quarter Moon (half illuminated) and artificial lighting in the direction of the Po Valley to the south, the Milky Way is clearly visible (top view).

However, the bottom view (looking north) shows that light pollution here is still a concern even though existing laws are in place aimed to curb this stray light. Note the asterism of the Big Dipper, through a layer of cirrus clouds, at lower left. Photos taken on the night of July 10, 2022.

Photo details: Canon 6D camera; Samyang lens 14 mm; 30 seconds exposure; f/2.8; 6400 ISO; Photoshop processing. Akira Fuji effect used to highlight constellations. 

Loana Valley, Italy Coordinates: 46.0890, 8.4772

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