Summer Storm on the Mediterranean

October 19, 2022


20220822 Fulmini Comp web

Photographer: Alessia Scarso  
Summary Author: Alessia Scarso  

The photo above is a composition of 47 shots taken from my balcony in Maganuco (Modica), Italy during a late summer thunderstorm on the Mediterranean Sea. Both the cloud-to-ground lightning and the cloud-to-cloud lightning was memorable with this storm. Note that the horizontal lines are the lights of a ship that passed close to the horizon. Click here to see an animation. Photo taken on August 22, 2022.

Photo details: Sony A7RIII camera; Tamron 70-180 lens; 180 mm; f2.8; ISO 800; 5 seconds exposure time.

Maganuco (Modica), Italy Coordinates: 36.71762, 14.81083

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