Mamattus Observed in Stratus Cloud

November 28, 2022


Cesar_mammatus__H3A7829-Edit copy

Photographer: Cesar Cantu  
Summary Author: Cesar Cantu    

Shown above is a stratus-type cloud with noticeable pouches (mammas or mammatus) that I observed near Monterrey, Mexico, on July 7, 2022. Mammatus clouds can appear strange and whimsical and often even intimidating. Their bulging or drooping is attributable to the collision of downward vertical currents that generally occurs when the atmosphere is unstable, such as during thunderstorm development (cumulonimbus clouds). However, mammas can also form in cirrus and stratus clouds, as long as there’s some downward motion (downdraft) within the cloud. The result may be a cloud base with conspicuous lumps.

Photo details: A single shot with the Canon EOS R camera and a 24 mm lens; processed in Photoshop.


Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Coordinates: 25.71444, -100.6039

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