Cloud Shadow Projection over Novi Ligure, Italy

November 09, 2022

Nuvola e ombra (2)

Photographer: Valter Luna 
Summary Authors: Valter LunaJim Foster

The photo above showing an eye-catching cloud shadow was captured from my home in Novi Ligure, Italy on July 30, 2022. Shadow projections such as shown here are formed when a shadow is cast upon a layer of thin dust or haze. The scattering angle of sunlight by the aerosols within the layer plays a role in observing the projected shadows. Typically, you’ll have more success seeing them if you’re looking in the vicinity of the Sun – about 10 degrees away or about the width of your fist when extended as arm’s length. Also, it seems that they can be seen more often in cumulus congestus clouds than in other cloud types.   

Photo Details: Nikon D100 camera; Sigma 18-250 lens; 50mm; 1/200 second exposure; f / 16; ISO 200.

Novi Ligure, Italy Coordinates: 44.7620, 8.7859

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