Moondog and Etna Lava Flow

November 15, 2022

Giannitumino_iridescent cloud ETNA_logo_2040pix (1)

Photographer: Giovanni Tumino  

Summary Authors: Marco Meniero; Giovanni Tumino

Shown above is a nighttime view of lava streaming down a flank of Mt Etna as viewed from Naxos Bay, Sicily, on June 9, 2022. Note the patch of light just above the glowing lava. This looks like it might be a light pillar resulting from the glowing lava flow, however, according to Marco Meniero, an expert on meteorological phenomena, it's actually paraselene or moondog. The Moon can be seen at the right side of the image. Note also the numerous glitter paths (both photo). Click here to see a video in timelapse.

Photo details: Canon RA camera; SIGMA DG 50 mm lens; f/1,4; f/4,5; 4-second single-exposure; ISO 1600.


Naxos Bay, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 37.847326, 15.294122

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