Glacial Striations in Victoria, British Columbia

November 25, 2022



Photographer: Joe LaCour 

Summary Author: Joe LaCour 

Just a few hundred meters southeast and across the street from where the Coho ferry docks in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, you can see a great example of the power of the glaciers from a previous ice age. Some 15,000 years ago, a glacier flowed over what is now Victoria. The surface of the outcrop shown above was grooved, scratched, and polished by the cutting action of pebbles and boulders dragged along like a piece of giant sandpaper frozen to the bottom a glacier. This fascinating ice age relic might be easy to miss as the attention of many passers-by is captured by the striking Legislative Parliament Building (not in photo). Note that the bronze plaque in the foreground - Glacial Grooves and Striations - acknowledges Victoria's glacial history.

Photo details: Leica M9 Digital camera; 35mm Summicron lens; f13; 1/60 second exposure; ISO320; processed with DxO PhotoLab.


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Coordinates: 48.4284, -123.3656

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