Another Look at Lunar Pareidolia and the Tricks the Mind Plays

December 07, 2022

The Kiss in the Moon of Zamboni - Paolo Palma

The kiss in the moon - Paolo Palma

Photographer: Paolo Palma     

Summary Author: Paolo Palma    

The Italian poet Filippo Zamboni and his wife Emilia Dagnen were watching the Moon from the Villa Reale of Capodimonte in Naples, Italy, in August of 1880, when they noticed the “Kiss in the Moon,” the loveliest pareidolia visible on the face of our satellite. On the bottom photo we can see the Moon rising on August 14, 2019 (the day before the full Moon), from the same royal garden where Filippo and Emilia made their discovery. Note Mt. Vesuvius, at left.  Many astronomers, such as Cerulli, remarked that they had never been able to see Luna and Luno share their kiss. “Only the sensitivity of a poet could realize it,” Zamponi replied. 

Photo details: Nikon 42x Coolpix 510 camera; 4.3-180 mm. I gradually superimposed one of Zamboni's drawings on my snaps of the Moon to make it easier to identify the faces of the two lovers.


Villa Reale of Capodimonte in Naples, Italy Coordinates: 40.86700614.250533

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