Colorful Clouds Observed at Sunset

December 22, 2022



Photographer: Spyros Antonopoulos 
Summary Author: Spyros Antonopoulos 

The photo above showing colorful cloud colors at sunset was taken near Chalkeia, Greece. Of course, the color of a cloud depends primarily upon the color of the light it receives. When the Sun is low in the sky, because the path the Sun's rays take across the sky is longer than if they were coming from straight above (zenith), the shorter wavelength colors (greens and blues) tend to be scattered from our view. This leaves the red, yellow and orange colors to paint any clouds lying in the track of the Sun's lingering rays. The closer the Sun is to the horizon, the longer the path-length of its rays, and thus the redder the color. Photo taken on July 10, 2022.

Chalkeia, Greece Coordinates: 38.431270, 21.684530

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