Dalene Matthee Big Tree

December 29, 2022

Louise_IMG_20221210_114403 (003)

Photographer: Louise van der Meulen  

Summary Author: Louise van der Meulen; Jim Foster

The stunning specimen featured above is thought to be over 800 years old. Found in the montane forest near Knysna, South Africa, it’s called the Dalene Matthee Big Tree. And big it is -- standing 131 ft (40 m) with a diameter of  5.6 ft (1.72 m). This handsome giant belongs to the Podocarpus falcatus species (family Podocarpaceae) and is commonly referred to as a yellowwood tree. Photo taken on December 9, 2022.

The sign at its base reads -

Like a towering king it stood towering above the white alder and mountain saffron, stinkwood, assegai and hard pear. As if God had planted long before the others. Its giant root anchored it to the ground like giant arms.

Dalene Matthee, Circle in a Forest, 1984.


Knysna, South Africa Coordinates: 33.9167 -22.9579

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