Evaporation Fog in Meuse Valley

December 14, 2022

Sept-meuses-brouillard-pano (1)

Photographer: Thierry Lombry  
Summary Author: Thierry Lombry  

The photo above shows a foggy morning in the Meuse Valley at as seen from the Sept Meuses viewpoint, Rivière, Belgium. Such fog is common in the Meuse Valley from October to January. This is referred to as a radiation, evaporation, or valley fog. It’s likely that clear skies during the overnight period here permitted the ground to cool to the dew point temperature, resulting in a net heat loss and the formation of fog. The densest fog formed in the valley bottom, where the lowest temperatures were reached. Photo taken on November 13, 2022.

Photo details: Canon Powershot S120 camera; panoramic image composed of 8 separate pictures, generated with Hugin, a freeware; high quality CCD and image processing software.

Rivière (lieu-dit les Sept Meuses), Belgium Coordinates: 50.3566, 4.8745

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