Halo Display Observed from Graubunden, Switzerland

December 23, 2022


Photographer: Sean Lybrand  
Summary Author: Sean Lybrand 

Shown above is a portion of halo display I had the pleasure to observe over the Swiss Alps on October 11, 2022. Ice crystals in clouds or free falling through the atmosphere can create a medley of beautiful halos; some very obvious and some quite faint.

Conspicuous here are the 22-degree halo, both sundogs or parhelia, the parhelic circle, the upper tangent arc (tangent to the 22-halo) and the suncave Parry arc (just above the upper tangent arc). Not nearly as evident are the rarely seen upper and lower Lowitz arcs (in the vicinity of the parhelia).

Sent, Graubunden, Switzerland, Coordinates: 46.8170, 10.3381

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