La Palma Pillar

December 19, 2022



Photographer: Sonia Lucía Suárez Domínguez  
Summary Authors: Sonia Lucía Suárez Domínguez; Jim Foster

The photo above features a classic sun pillar as observed just after sunset from the southern end of La Palma (Canary Islands) on May 29, 2022. Pillars are reflection phenomenon – sunlight (in this case) is reflecting off hexagonal ice crystals in high altitude clouds or off crystals that are free falling in the atmosphere. But for these wondrous vertical beams to form, the crystals must all be similarly oriented and tipped a bit in the direction of the viewer.

Fuencaliente, de la La Palma (Canary Islands), Spain Coordinates: 28.483333, -17.833333

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